Lost In A Sea Of Trees

by Wanderwelle

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audiophilist thumbnail
audiophilist Stunning dub/ambient LP which screams for the replay button. All tracks work together astoundingly well and create a mysterious but warm tapestry of sound. Favorite track: Lured By An Unseen Presence.
aquanaut thumbnail
aquanaut I'm so glad I discovered this album. Absolutely stunning. I'm not very good a reviewing things. But if you happen to read this. Then you really ought to buy this. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Silent Season for being one of the best labels around,and thank you Wanderwelle for the beautiful music. Favorite track: The Starry Night.
jentl thumbnail
jentl Never heard anything quite like it. This band uses natural sounds to create an ambient, eerie yet hauntingly beautiful kind of music. Whisks you away to a dark forrest. I love it. Favorite track: Unholy Grounds.
D. Humo
D. Humo thumbnail
D. Humo Incredible music and overall concept (including artwork). I don't think I have ever listened to something similar. I am pretty sure this is one of the best albums of 2017, if not the best. Favorite track: Unholy Grounds.
Mark Hebburn
Mark Hebburn thumbnail
Mark Hebburn This album really does take you on a journey into the dark forest and the sounds are amazing. I also like that every track has it's own little story.
One of my favourite albums of 2017, amazing job Wanderwelle! Favorite track: Eyes In Looming Trees.
Pete Srdic
Pete Srdic thumbnail
Pete Srdic Without a doubt one of the most beautiful releases of 2017. Excellent production, deep and if you go with it will coax your your mind to wander & daydream. Also a gorgeous physical release with the artwork and green vinyl. Well done Wanderwelle and to Jamie / SS for bringing this to our ears and minds. Favorite track: The Domovoi.



Amsterdam-based duo Wanderwelle return to Silent Season for their debut album which is inspired by the mysterious pagan tribes that once roamed across the European woodlands. Lost in a Sea of Trees tells the tale of a lone traveller who enters a dark, ancient forest. Lured deep into the woods by something not of this world as he enters uncharted grounds. Step by step his journey is getting darker as he encounters strange phenomena and beings among the trees.

Written and produced by J.P.A van Dulm and A.G.A. Bartels
Illustrations by Floor van het Nederend
Mastered by Optimum Mastering
Insert photo by Danthon

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released July 31, 2017


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Silent Season

Silent Season is a label influenced by the natural surroundings in British Columbia. The sounds of Silent Season grew out of the connection between deep ethereal music and the rain forests of Vancouver Island. A soundtrack to some of the most radiant and aural beauty in the world. ... more

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