Episodes of Yesterday

by Yuka

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szinzan thumbnail
szinzan I'm experiencing this visual audio story with in my brown plaid shorts, bare feet up on swiverler here in the valley this fine hot July afternoon. What a cool track of music. Bliss listening!
Mikael Theander
Mikael Theander thumbnail
Mikael Theander Simply magic:) @hidigitalsound
Qindek thumbnail
Qindek This piece has completely taken me to a place that is right. Props for the complexity and patience here! Favorite track: Drumkot.
Mark Anglin
Mark Anglin thumbnail
Mark Anglin Strange album, unique in that it is almost entirely percussive, yet it is very expressive and complex. It feels like there's a Native American influence in the drum beats, which are trance inducing. Favorite track: Drumkot.
AlphaGamma thumbnail
AlphaGamma Just perfect, really. Favorite track: First Zoom.


All sounds came out of my traveling. This is short stories or moments and episodes of my life that became memories. Usually I take my recorder with me when traveling. The sounds (voices, sounds of nature, streets, music instruments, etc.) I bring after that are like photos from my camera. Even better! They are more 'alive'. The sounds that I used for the tracks came from India. You can see it from titles. All what I did with the sounds is added some instruments and melodies to put some emotions. - Yuka

"Episodes Of Yesterday has four organic, subdued techno cuts, all made better—and all tied together—by Yuka's found sounds. Tastefully used, they give the release a warm and personal feel. First track "Drumkot" sounds like a departure point, its humming 4/4 kick and sonorous clatters seeming to pass by the voices that occasionally pop into focus, while "First Zoom" keeps moving forward with broken-beat drums, soft but insistent 16th-note motifs and swirling bird calls. "Umrao Is Waiting" is sublime. It's got dense, syncopated kicks and a resonant throb playfully filling up the low-end, and its voices are again fleeting, as lightly teased drones give way to beeping bits of melody and, finally, a rainstorm at the end. Last track "Akasha," whose half-time percussion comes overlaid with a small swarm of birds and tweaked electronics, winds things down with a faintly sinister edge."


Mastered by Neel.


released June 20, 2014


Photo: Loren Kerns


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Silent Season is a label influenced by the natural surroundings in British Columbia. The sounds of Silent Season grew out of the connection between deep ethereal music and the rain forests of Vancouver Island. A soundtrack to some of the most radiant and aural beauty in the world. ... more

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