The Light Between Oceans

by Sonitus Eco

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Diarmaid Collins / Lustbader / DK+DI / PresidentAndroid
Diarmaid Collins / Lustbader / DK+DI / PresidentAndroid thumbnail
Diarmaid Collins / Lustbader / DK+DI / PresidentAndroid Storegga Slide is an absolute minimalist banger (icy washes floating over a beautiful even keeled pulsing growl and a deliciously solid kick) that seems almost menacing in its clinical relentlessness. But it's Chordelia that takes that growling pulse and takes it to an ecstatic, glorious, syncopated height. Love playing this loud! Favorite track: Chordelia.
Operant thumbnail
Operant Absolutely essential listening for fans of extraordinarily thoughtful beats and slowly caterwauling textural expressions. Soothes as much as it challenges with its polyrhythms, building arp-recitations of deep chords, and luminescent biospheres....
Jesse Lipp
Jesse Lipp thumbnail
Jesse Lipp intriguing at first with its deep, pulsating beats but strangely vague as if there was something more subtle that takes time and patience to manifest. once you let yourself sink into sonitus eco’s masterful drone overlays that accentuate and contrast the rhythm of the tracks this record will be your friend for life. on a different note, I cannot think of more perfect music for a dance party in a lighthouse by the stormy sea. Favorite track: Continuum.
Zoltán Velkei
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Zoltán Velkei Amazing EP, the last two tracks are enchanting. Favorite track: Continuum.
Pete Srdic
Pete Srdic thumbnail
Pete Srdic Stunning release. So moving and emotional, beautifully conceived & produced - let alone mastered. THIS is why I get so damned excited and passionate about music. Bravo Sonitus Eco and Silent Season. Favorite track: Storegga Slide.


There are times when the ocean is not the ocean - not blue, not even water, but some violent explosion of energy and danger: ferocity on a scale only gods can summon. It hurls itself at the island, sending spray right over the top of the lighthouse, biting pieces off the cliff. And the sound is a roaring of a beast whose anger knows no limits. Those are the nights the light is needed most. ~ M.L. Stedman

Sonitus Eco - The Light Between Oceans [SSV07]

A1. Storegga Slide
A2. Offshore Lights
B1. Continuum
B2. Chordelia

100 blue vinyl and 200 beautiful black vinyl records comes in a black poly-sleeve and brown recycled jackets. Lovingly mastered by Neel. Available at Juno and other fine record stores January 2015.

Mastered by Neel


released January 15, 2015


all rights reserved



Silent Season

Silent Season is a label influenced by the natural surroundings in British Columbia. The sounds of Silent Season grew out of the connection between deep ethereal music and the rain forests of Vancouver Island. A soundtrack to some of the most radiant and aural beauty in the world. ... more

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